Branch vs. Adjust

Branch offers the most popular mobile linking and attribution solution among the top 200 apps.

Our decision to move to Branch from Adjust came as a no-brainer as it offered all the functionalities that Adjust did at a much more advanced level with enhanced cross-platform attribution and API capabilities.

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Jahanzaib Saeed
Sr. Marketing Manager, Lalamove

Why use Branch instead of Adjust?

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Channel support

Increase ROI across paid AND organic with partner integrations and holistic solutions for every marketing channel, including email, social, organic search, ads, mobile web, and referrals.

Covers ads.

Cross-channel insights

Get significantly improved insights with Branch’s cross-channel attribution, which provides rich data for ad and non-ad touchpoints (such as email and web).

Only covers ad channels. For any multi-touch ads data, customers are responsible for tying together the raw touchpoint data on their own.

Lifecycle support

Understand the true drivers of user activity and foster growth at every stage of the user lifecycle with Branch’s solutions for acquisition, engagement, retention, and advocacy.

Focuses on measuring app acquisition from paid ads, leaving out several stages of the user’s cross-platform lifecycle.


Reliably measure activity and conversions that occur on the web with Branch’s Web SDK for comprehensive, full-funnel analytics across both web and app.

Web SDK not designed for tracking website activity — rather, ad install attribution of installable web apps.

Web-to-app solution

Convert web traffic into high value app users thanks to a full stack optimization platform, Journeys smart banners, which offer A/B testing, measurement, and audience targeting.

No solution for converting web traffic into valuable app users.

Cross-platform measurement

Measure complicated cross-platform user journeys with ease and view web and app activity right in the Branch dashboard, or export data to BI systems for cross-device reporting.

Matching activity handled manually across different platforms/devices, in an external BI tool.

Deep linking

Serve seamless experiences with Branch’s best-in-class solution for direct and deferred deep linking, handling thousands of edge cases like nobody else in the industry.

Deep links have very limited options for link creation and integration, including a lack of white-labeled domains, dynamic short links and aliased URLs.

Organic search attribution for an app-first world

Measure the ROI and impact of SEO with insight into app opens and down-funnel events that come from organic web search results.

SEO solution only covers App Install and Open links, not true organic search results.