Fintech Playbook 1.0

While the pandemic loomed over 2020, it was also a year in which challenges and opportunities coincided. Fintech companies have leveraged features such as greater efficiency, low costs, and friendly user experiences to transform traditional finance industry service models. Even at the height of the pandemic, services such as digital banking, digital payments, digital investment platforms, and consumer finance ensured that the public had access to essential financial services.

As the offline to online (O2O) transition progressed, the development of the fintech industry has become increasingly globalized like many other industries, while the innovations in business models for mobile fintech are also creating more opportunities for companies to expand globally.

In Branch’s Fintech Playbook 1.0 in partnership with Facebook, you’ll learn:

  • Latest trends, specific development tracks, and sub-markets in different countries and regions about Fintech
  • How to leverage Facebook to promote Fintech products and branding in global markets
  • How to drive diverse growth channels globally
  • Facebook ads policies for Fintech products

Download the playbook and learn more!

Learn how to grow your Fintech app across channels and platforms while leveraging Facebook to promote to a global market.

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