Strategies to Maximize Mobile Growth in 2023

With these uncertain times, marketers have been presented with the opportunity to reassess our investments in order to maximize return on investments and minimize loss. It’s important now more than ever to ensure that your mobile app is performing at its best.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss strategies for maximizing mobile growth during the recession, including optimizing organic growth, measuring the performance of both organic and paid channels, and staying up-to-date on the latest updates around Apple Search Ads.

During this webinar, you’ll learn about:
  • How to capitalize on the shift to mobile during a recession
  • Strategies for optimizing organic growth on mobile
  • Tips for measuring the performance of both organic and paid mobile campaigns
  • The latest updates to the Apple Search Ads UI, including new features and functionality

Whether you’re new to mobile marketing or an experienced professional, this webinar has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from experts and take your mobile strategy to the next level.


Sam Edwards

Product Marketing Manager at Branch

Sam holds experience helping large and small tech companies bring products to market – focusing on core product value, unique messaging, and compelling stories. Sam joins Branch as a Product Marketing Manager after 3+ years at Amplitude Analytics, and brings extensive domain and industry knowledge from her prior roles in Customer Success, Solutions Engineering, and Technology Partnerships. In her current role as Product Marketing Manager at Branch, she is focused on improving the user experience and advocating for seamless product journeys.

Headshot of Emre Bilgic, Apple Search Ads Client Partner @
Emre Bilgic

Apple Search Ads Client Partner @

Emre Bilgic is an accomplished ASO and Apple Search Ads expert. Working with some of the biggest players in the app market, Bilgic has provided his partners with valuable guidance on growing their apps through paid and organic user acquisition efforts. Joining the MobileAction team in 2021, Bilgic has been sharing his passion for App marketing through some of the best tools for ASO and Apple Search Ads available to User Acquisition Experts worldwide.