The App Attribution Industry is Dead: What the Post-IDFA Era Means for Mobile Advertising

The world of app install attribution as we know it has come to an end. At WWDC in 2020, Apple announced that in iOS 14 (likely Sept/Oct this year), the IDFA is no longer a relevant or widely-used identifier. Even with the proposed SKAdNetwork replacement, this is a fundamental elimination of basic capabilities like user-level attribution, retargeting audiences, look-alike audiences and so much more.

Watch this webinar with Branch and AdExchanger to learn:

  • The impact of the changes Apple announced on the mobile attribution and advertising industries
  • The broader long term implications and predictions for mobile
  • The different options the industry is considering as it adapts to these changes


Allison Schiff | AdExchanger

Senior Editor

Allison Schiff is a senior editor for, where she covers mobile, Facebook, cross-device, measurement, privacy and the app economy. Previously, she was senior digital strategist at Direct Marketing News, where she blogged regularly and handled Web and social strategy.

Branch CEO Alex Austin smiling at camera in a Branch t-shirt in front of the Branch logo glyph
Alex Austin | Branch

Co-Founder and CEO

Alex Austin is the CEO and co-founder of Branch, where he has taken his extensive background in consumer-focused mobile products and applied it to creating a technology that has become the standard in mobile deep linking and measurement.