Product-Led Growth in 2023

Thursday, April 13, 2023


The world as we know it has been completely reshaped by digital products – meaning that focusing on customer acquisition alone is no longer enough. To make the biggest gains today, it’s all about optimizing engagement and activation rates while also providing customers with a smooth digital experience from start to finish.

Product-led growth has become the cornerstone of success for brands, and understanding its importance is key to long-term sustainability.

Experts from Branch will share the methodologies and tools that today’s most successful brands use, and will show how to transition from considering digital as a mere set of channels or acquisition pathways, to treating it as part of an entire consumer experience.

Uncover the power of product-led growth in this session, and discover:

  • How it can benefit your business
  • Techniques to uncover new avenues for delivering value to users via engagement loops
  • Why now more than ever before marketing and product teams should join forces


Sam Edwards

Product Marketing Manager at Branch

Sam joins Branch as a Product Marketing Manager, bringing extensive domain and industry knowledge from her experience in tech over the last decade. She has helped countless teams bring products to market, as well as designed seamless user experiences with accurate, reliable measurement.  Currently, she is focused on customer education, driving core product value, generating unique messaging, and creating compelling stories.

Andrew Sylvia

Product Manager at Branch

Andrew has a decade of product experience across various industries. He has been successful in shipping new products, driving product growth, and creating internal tools. Andrew is passionate about building great user experiences to meet the needs of his customers. He currently serves as the product manager for the Branch platform.