Mobile SEO in 2022

Monday, October 17, 2022


With the current changes brought on iOS, mobile acquisition is more challenging than ever. This webinar will overview the mobile SEO landscape and changes in 2022 as well as do a dive deep on how to optimize and grow your mobile web presence to drive growth to your mobile app. Our topics will include:

  • The big trends that drive organic traffic in 2022
  • What makes good SEO content and different ways to create it
  • Optimizing mobile SEO strategies for app growth
  • Why the web to app journey is so important
  • Web to app tactics that leverage your existing organic traffic


Sam Edwards

Product Marketing Manager at Branch

Sam holds experience helping large and small tech companies bring products to market – focusing on core product value, unique messaging, and compelling stories. Sam joins Branch as a Product Marketing Manager after 3+ years at Amplitude Analytics and brings extensive domain and industry knowledge from her prior roles in Customer Success, Solutions Engineering, and Technology Partnerships. In her current role as Product Marketing Manager at Branch, she is focused on improving the user experience and advocating for seamless product journeys.

Jesika Dalal

Director of Marketing - APAC & MEA at Branch

Jesika is a proven marketing leader with over 2 decades of marketing experience having worked with leading tech brands like IBM & Microsoft in India. She is currently based in Bangalore, and looks forward to engaging with companies in the martech space in her role at Branch; which offers mobile linking and measurement infrastructure for over 100,000 apps and 3 billion monthly users around the world, and is one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing Unicorns.