Mastering Cross-Platform Advertising Strategies w/ Adobe, Branch, & Kayo Sports

Providing seamless user experiences and tracking campaign performance across channels, platforms, and devices, can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Join us for this on-demand webinar to learn how Australia’s leading sports streaming service, Kayo Sports, solved for this challenge by integrating with Adobe and Branch. We’ll talk about everything you need to know to leverage Adobe Advertising Cloud and its integration with Branch’s Universal Ads to increase and optimize the performance of your ad campaigns.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • An introduction to Adobe Advertising Cloud and Branch
  • Setting up campaigns with Adobe Advertising Cloud using Branch’s Universal Ads
  • Tracking ad conversions across every device, platform, and channel
  • Kayo’s Growth Story


Govind Kavaturi | Branch

Director of Partnerships (APAC)

Govind Kavaturi is the Director of Partnerships (APAC) at Branch. In his role, he works towards redefining the mobile landscape in Asia Pacific by spearheading the company’s business development and partnerships in the region. Being an ardent advocate of entrepreneurship and innovation, he has contributed to the startup ecosystem for over 8 years.

Matt Barden | Kayo Sports

Manager, Acquisition Marketing

Matt has worked as a Customer Acquisition Manager at Kayo Sports since August 2018, enabling the Kayo Sports trading desk on all Audience, Measurement, Ad Ops and Data requirements. Works closely with tech partners and internal stakeholders to get the most out of our current tech stack, and derive clear insights that drive action. Enjoys creating operational efficiency through smart solutions, levering best-in-class technology.

Nick McLachlan | Adobe Advertising Cloud (APAC)

Product Marketing Manager

Nick is the Product Marketing Manager for Advertising Cloud across the APAC region, where he interlocks with product, sales, marketing and customers to develop the Advertising Cloud product so that it can deliver on the needs of local markets.

Thomas Mennetrier | Kayo Sports

Senior Customer Acquisition Manager

Tom is a Senior Customer Acquisition Manager at Kayo Sports since Oct 2018, and has overseen the launch of the number one sports streaming platform in Australia. In his role, Tom works with a team of channels specialists, data scientists, and creative people, to maximize the return on investment of every digital channel. He’s passionate about ad tech, especially when tools and algorithms bring advertisers and publishers closer, through transparency, automation, and better outcomes.