How Companion and Utility Apps Improve Retention and Reduce Support Costs

Tuesday, April 18, 2023


Mobile apps are the key to a brand’s future, even when customers don’t necessarily convert or purchase things directly in the app. These apps, spanning industries including finance, telcos, utilities, health care, and many more, could become the competitive differentiator for brands that will survive and thrive in the long run.

Traditional businesses are spending billions of dollars annually on call centers and in-person support. In banking specifically, ¾ of branch transactions and ½ of phone interactions deal with routine processes such as deposits, withdrawals, and checking account balances. Here lies a glaring opportunity to leverage self-service features on mobile apps to optimize these processes, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately reduce support costs.

There’s a win-win opportunity to leverage apps for better customer experience and retention, while simultaneously reducing the cost to serve those same customers. Branch has the playbook to drive app adoption, and engage users with effective deep linking for greater feature adoption and retention.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How mobile apps are unlocking higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • Driving app adoption from high value existing customers on owned channels
  • Why email and push are the new front door to drive feature adoption and cost reducing features
  • Leverage engagement channels to drive upsells and cross-sells
  • How to estimate cost savings for call center deflection


Reed Kuhn

Sr. Director of Business Strategy at Branch

Reed Kuhn is the Sr. Director of Business Strategy at Branch, where he connects the massive data within the Branch platform to real customer impact. A former aerospace and defense strategy consultant, Reed left the industry and moved to Silicon Valley. Along the way, he invented his first app on an iPhone 3, co-founded an athlete management agency with MC Hammer, and authored the first-ever book on the sports analytics of professional cagefighting. He spent time in eCommerce SaaS working with global retail leaders, plus eventual stints at Walmart and eBay. For a decade he has spent his weekends as ESPN’s gambling expert for Mixed Martial Arts, making analytical predictions of UFC fights. He holds a BS in Physics from Washington & Lee University, a Master’s in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, and an MBA from Duke University.

Sophie Frostbaum

Business Strategy Manager at Branch

Sophie Frostbaum is a Business Strategy Manager at Branch, where she works as an internal strategy consultant, providing data-driven customer insights on enabling and harnessing value via app adoption and engagement. Working with businesses across all verticals, she helps customers develop a playbook on their app-first strategy, leveraging their owned channels to acquire customers with the highest LTV. Prior to joining Branch, Sophie worked in Enterprise Solutions & Analytics consulting, specializing in Digital Transformations. She holds a BBA from Emory University in Finance and Strategy & Management Consulting.