Ad Fraud: How is this still a thing and how can I stop it?

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Fraud affects your performance data. Bad traffic sources may appear to be ROI positive. You end up spending more money in these locations that actually did not provide a tangible return. Finding fraudulent traffic and networks results in money spent that needs to be clawed back or remediated with networks. Fraud investigation takes time and evidence to build a case. The process can be long and drawn out.

Watch this webinar where we discuss:

  • The impacts of Fraud on the ads space
  • Outline the different types of fraud that occur
  • Explain what Branch is doing to protect our customers
  • Industry perspective and best practices shared directly by brands


Muhammad Fikry Izza Almirzaqy (Zaqy) | Paxel

Performance Marketing Expert

Nikhil Parachure

Independent Marketing Consultant

Swatie Bansal | Branch

Analytics Manager, BI