Senior Product Manager, Mobile Growth @ The New York Times: Patricia Martorana – Improving the Quality & Performance of Your App’s Subscription Plan

Patricia Martorana is the Senior Product Manager, Mobile Growth at The New York Times. Patricia has grown as a Product Manager over the past four years at The New York Times. She led the cross-functional team to grow The New York Times subscription footprint and design the customer journey within The New York Times news, cooking, and games sections. Before that, she has had marketing and editorial roles at companies like the New Yorker and ESPN.

Let your existing customers – who are friends with a non-subscriber – introduce your product to new users. Plan your growth strategy with all forms of media in mind on all platforms. Monitor growth channels regularly to decide what channels are working/not working for you. Use data to drive these decisions forward.

When modeling/remodeling your onboarding experiences, prioritize the kinds of behaviors that you want to introduce to them. Before showing them any push notifications, explicitly ask them for push notification permissions right after app installation.

A subscription plan is about building relationships and nurturing them over time. Your product team must adapt the product according to the dynamic growth of different user personas. Introduce new features to users and help them discover their benefits over time in a calculated manner using data – don’t bombard them with all features at once.