Senior Manager, Growth Product, and Mobile Marketing at Babbel: Sylvain Gauchet – Bet on Learning to Be A Better Marketer

Sylvain Gauchet is the Senior Manager, Growth Product and Mobile Marketing at Babbel, an internationally successful language learning app with millions of active subscribers and the #1 innovative education company in the world. At Babbel, Sylvain focuses on areas such as growth, early product adoption, and monetization. Before Babbel. he co-founded Apptamin, a creative agency that works with brands to produce creative video ad campaigns and app store content.

Product-led growth is not just about helping customers solve their problems but also about the company’s bottom line. Balancing friction with positive signals and enough rewards throughout the onboarding process is crucial to customer retention, as it ultimately affects the bottom line. Improve this process by understanding the voice of your customer and by experiencing onboarding flows of other apps you admire. Emails and push notifications customized to your category are important ways to manage the customer lifecycle and bring them back when drop-offs are detected.

Humans are thick-skinned and crafty. A life-defining pandemic didn’t change our capacity to communicate. We found a way out by finding new and better ways to communicate. If customers adapt like this, then product teams must also adapt in an appropriate direction for their category.

In Google Lightbox, launch all ad groups at once. Don’t wait for an ad group to perform well and then tweak others before their release. Google favors your initial campaigns, compares all the new campaigns against them, and reduces the reach of newly-launched ad campaigns.

You don’t have to be talking to an expert to be mentored by them. Listen to their podcasts, videos, and other resources – learning from them passively is also a great way to be mentored by experts. Keep exchanging knowledge with people you meet and implement what you learn. You might make mistakes, but you will also learn from them.