Branch Facilitates the Discovery of In-App Content for Spotlight Search

Branch offers developers deep linking and tracking for Spotlight Search, opening up a new channel for app discovery.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 2, 2015 – Branch, the industry leading deep linking and mobile engagement platform, today announced that developers will be able to use Branch to quickly and easily index their in-app content for Spotlight search in the upcoming iOS 9 update. In addition to listing content on Spotlight Local and Cloud search, Branch provides a solution for developers to deep link into the app, and can track installs and opens through Spotlight, improving the discoverability, attribution, and user experience of iOS apps. Branch links also support Universal Links functionality, ensuring Branch partners can implement all the developer-friendly features of iOS 9 in just a few minutes.

“At Branch, we’re always looking for new ways to help developers grow their apps. When iOS 9 was announced, we jumped straight into the documentation to learn how our partners could utilize Branch’s deep linking and tracking technology through the Core Spotlight framework. As a result, with one line of code, Branch developers can now list their app content on Spotlight, while Branch handles the additional complexity of the Spotlight API,” says Branch CEO Alex Austin. “And it doesn’t stop there. Clicking on a search result will deep link users to the content in the app they were looking for, immediately if they already have the app, or after install if they don’t.”

The announcement comes only weeks after the arrival of Deepviews – Branch-hosted, autogenerated mobile web previews of in-app content, which have increased click-to-install rates by 2 to 7 times across apps on the Branch platform (compared to sending users directly to their respective app store). Using these in combination, apps listed on Spotlight search can direct users to a Deepview of in-app content, effectively optimizing potential installs.

Although Spotlight is an unproven channel for app discovery, it is one that is likely to drastically improve with future updates. Branch is excited to introduce this new tool and do the heavy lifting for developers who want to improve the discoverability of their apps.

About Branch (

Branch is a mobile deep linking platform for app developers that enables link-based user experiences, ranging from smart app banners, to native content sharing, to referral and invite features. Developers can create Branch links, which intelligently redirect to the app if installed, or fall back to the app stores and pass parameters through install if not. Branch links automatically support all existing deep linking technologies like Facebook App Links, Twitter app cards, Pinterest app pins, Google App Indexing, Apple Universal Linking, Apple Spotlight Search, etc. Branch is currently serving hundreds of millions of deep link routes per day to thousands of apps, including companies like HotelTonight, Instacart, Redfin, Ebay and Microsoft. The best teams in mobile use Branch.

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