Rappi Goes Viral by Using Influencers and Referrals Campaigns with Branch Deep Linking as the Key Growth Strategy

With focus on international expansion, Rappi wanted to grow its presence in different countries and increase the number of clients in an effective way. To do so, they decided to invest in a type of growth that was already happening organically: as the team realized people enjoy recommending products and services they like, all they needed to do was create incentives to boost this behavior.

As an incentive, digital influencers and customers that invited new users would receive a unique discount coupon. Rappi realized this strategy would be a great way to encourage and escalate sharing, since both the referrer and the referee would receive the discount after the first purchase.

  • Over 50 million total app installs
  • More than 15,000 influencers
  • Average of 50% of new users coming from influencers and referral campaigns, each time the team launched the app in a new city