How Blibli, the Largest Trusted Online Mall in Indonesia, Secured a 10X Increase in Affiliate Sales with Branch

As one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, Blibli is constantly on the lookout to find performance-based channels to ignite the growth of their digital businesses. The affiliate marketing channel was a natural choice to expand their marketing efforts. Since a payout only occurs if and when the intended conversion takes place, this channel is strongly tied to performance and is a guaranteed ROI-positive channel in most cases.

Blibli understood the value of app users and wanted to ensure a great user experience by driving users to the app via affiliate marketing campaigns. With this method, Blibli would be able to get accurate attribution data for their affiliate campaigns while minimizing the manual efforts of continuous optimization and payouts via the affiliate networks, where data transfer is automated through robust integration methods.

Blibli needed to work with a trusted technology partner who would be able to give them the confidence to adopt and scale up their affiliate marketing efforts. They wanted to deliver a seamless user experience and accurately attribute cross-platform conversions back to affiliate clicks.

To achieve this, Blibli partnered with Branch.

  • 10x increase in attributed sales
  • 150% increase in affiliate marketing campaign growth