Bukalapak Doubles App Conversions and Increases Downloads with Branch

Bukalapak, one of the largest online marketplaces in South East Asia, has more than 1.2 million sellers and more than 40 million products. Bukalapak knew that their users were engaging with their products on mobile, and that they needed to provide an optimal user experience to increase revenue and conversions.

Over a three month period, Bukalapak’s traffic exceeded 500 million sessions, the vast majority coming from mobile—with mobile app and mobile web representing 78% and 13% of the total visits respectively. In terms of purchasing behavior, Bukalapak saw that their native mobile app converts 6x better than mobile web. After implementing Branch’s Journeys to route users directly and seamlessly from a given page on the mobile web to its mobile app equivalent, Bukalapak achieved a 5x increase in daily app downloads and a 2x increase in conversions from Journeys users.

  • 2x increase in conversions/transactions from Journeys users
  • 5x average daily app downloads