Branch Partners with Segment in New Program for Mobile Partners

We’re excited to be announcing Branch’s integration with Segment’s mobile partner platform, allowing Segment customers to leverage the benefits of the Branch SDK on-demand. Contextual linking (including deferred deep linking and all-platform routing), trackable sharing programs, and growth attribution for organic and paid channels are just some of the Branch features now accessible with the Segment SDK.

“We believe that getting discovered should be easier for every app developer,” says our CEO Alex Austin. “With Branch’s deep linking platform, mobile developers and marketers can leverage their app content to improve discoverability and optimize install campaigns. By integrating with Segment, we will make app discovery even easier by reducing SDK integrations and pairing organic attribution data with customer lifecycle data for further optimization.”

Packaged SDKs like Segment fulfill a need for app developers, allowing them to make use of the ever-increasing list of mobile tools without having to integrate separate SDKs.

Branch is excited to be part of Segment’s pilot group of SDKs included in its mobile bundle. We look forward to sharing the growth strategies that emerge as Branch linking and analytics are paired with other market-leading mobile tools backed by Segment.

Learn more about Branch’s strategic partners.

Branch and Segment Integration