Our Commitment To Growing the App Ecosystem

As a company, Branch’s core mission has long been to build a more connected, open, and relevant digital ecosystem. While this may seem like a lofty goal, we’ve made it tangible by offering Branch linking completely free to tens of thousands of apps.

We’re excited to now include our ads measurement (MMP) product, also completely free, to new apps under 10K MAU. Because this is an essential part of growing your business, we also now include the MMP product as part of the core package for apps over 10K MAU.

Before Branch, our founders struggled to promote their own app. From those struggles, they started Branch. The success we’ve had since then shows how valuable this technology is to the app community. Branch can help your app grow — we’ve seen it a hundred thousand times!

Announcing a change to 10K MAU overages

As more of our customers become dependent on paid marketing as a channel, and we have invested more in our ads measurement tooling to support you, the cost to support Branch links has grown. To date, we’ve largely ignored the overages when customers have exceeded the 10K MAU limit. You’ll see some changes in the dashboard over the next couple months as we look to tighten this up.

We’re committed to supporting you, and giving you the flexibility you need to grow your business. You can always reach out to discuss more flexible options via our sales team.

What does this mean?

After a 30-day trial, new customers and new apps signing up for the Branch self-serve platform get both linking and ads for free under 10K MAU. They are also required to add a credit card.

Coming soon

Current Branch self-serve customers will see the same changes. Ads will be available as part of the self-serve platform, and a credit card will be required after a 60-day grace period. We’ll also have in-dashboard, daily MAU tracking so no one is surprised by a bill for their app’s success.

In either case, the Branch platform will still be completely free for apps with less than 10K MAU. Pricing for apps over 10K MAU is simple: $5 per 1K MAU charged to the card on file. Larger apps can work with our sales team for a contract with invoice-based billing.

Our commitment to developers, growth marketers, and the broader app ecosystem has not changed. We’re excited to continue helping apps grow and expand the ways new apps can find and engage customers — with ads and linking included from the start.