One Link for Every Device

It may not come as a surprise to you, but 99% of smartphone users are on either iOS or Android devices. In the US, roughly one-third of users are on iOS devices and roughly two-thirds are on Android devices.

For app developers, this means there is no other choice but to have one app in the App Store, and another in the Google Play Store. Two stores means two apps, which means three links—one for iOS users, one for Android users, and one  for desktop users. Or does it?

As soon as they’re clicked, our links can register each user’s device, and can route each user accordingly. For example, if you want Android users to be routed to the Play Store, iOS users to be routed to the App Store, and desktop users to be routed to your website, we can provide you with one link that does all three.

In fact, all Branch links are deep links, which means that our links take users exactly where they need to go when they want to go there. No more fragmented user experiences, and no more hoping for the best. If you’re ready to start deep linking, check out our Branch Links Overview page. (You can also read more about deep linking here.)

Alternatively, if you’re searching solely for a one-link solution, follow the steps below:

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Select your iOS app.


Step 3) Select your Android app.


Step 4) Fill in your name, email, and app name.

Step 5) Generate your link!


All set? Click here to try for yourself!