Mobile Growth in Review: San Francisco (@ DoorDash)

Last week, we heard from Sue Cho (Director of Email Marketing @ Autolist), Lidia Shong (Product Marketing @ NerdWallet), and Olivier Voute (Director of Product Marketing @ for November’s Mobile Growth San Francisco, hosted by DoorDash. We loved hearing all their insights, anecdotes, and takeaways—so we thought we’d share some of our favorites with you!


Sue Cho, Director of Email Marketing @ Autolist

  • “The easiest win you can enact is creating your automations. Build a welcome series for your new users and an activation series for your dormant ones.”
  • “Deep linking is important. You’re siloing your users to the mobile web from email without it.”


Lidia Shong, Product Marketing @ NerdWallet

  • “If you don’t do your homework, your acquisition marketing efforts will not be effective. Get to know your customers.”
  • “A strong SEO strategy doesn’t necessarily translate into a strong ASO strategy.”


Olivier Voute, Director of Product Marketing @

  • “We have a scraper that takes all app store reviews and translate them into English. Anyone that works on the app has direct access to what our customers are saying & how we can improve our app.”
  • “We run over a thousand concurrent experiments a day. We literally A/B test everything, even the type of coffee our employees get in the office. A/B testing is the best way to get to the truth.”


To learn more about Sue, Lidia, and Olivier, you can visit the Mobile Growth Meetup event here. For more where these tips came from, you can sign up for the Mobile Growth Community here, or check out our recorded Mobile Growth Meetups here.