Featured Integration: How Jet Leverages Branch’s Journeys

Self-defined in the App Store as “The Smartest Way to Shop & Save Online” and backed with $500 million in funding, Jet.com has quickly become a force in the e-commerce space.

Jet offers a great native app experience for customers who shop on their phones. With their website getting a lot of mobile traffic, they needed to find a way to leverage this traffic and bring potential users from mobile web to the app. With research showing that consumers spend 85% of their smartphone-use in native applications, getting mobile web users engaged in an app is crucial for any multi-platform business. For Jet, Journeys proved essential for creating a seamless conversion experience for users with trackable – and therefore optimizable – results.

Cross-platform Smart App Banner for Conversion and Engagement

In its simplest form, Journeys is a cross-platform solution for app conversion, routing users and providing dashboard data on new installs. Not only do you get great insights into where your app users are coming from pre-download, but your new users also get the best possible first experience in your app. Our banners can use Branch deep links so the context of where a user is coming from and what content they want to see first is preserved through the app download process.

By implementing their Journeys Smart Banner, Jet drove amazing results, increasing average daily downloads by 3x and increasing in-app conversion to purchase by 103%.

Customize the Journeys App Banner for Better User Experiences

The success of their banner has led Jet to implement unique customizations only possible through Branch’s deep linking solution.

First, Jet has customized the mobile web experience for users, choosing when and where they are shown a banner based on certain factors. For example, a user with the Jet app already installed on their phone is shown banners on product pages so that they can continue with a better experience in-app. Users without the Jet app installed are only shown the banners on non-product pages. This helps reduce shopping disruptions for users who prefer a mobile web experience.

Learn more about customization options on the Journeys website.

Customize Branch’s Smart App Banner for Better Data

Second, unique customization gives Jet the ability to gather even more information about new installs by passing custom data through the install link. In this way, Jet is able to track Google campaign information through a new app install on the Branch dashboard.

Under normal circumstances (without Branch), new website visitors and purchase conversions are attributed to the correct ad campaign as long as they happen on desktop or mobile web. However, linking users and purchases back to these campaigns is impossible after a mobile web user converts to the native app. This is why mobile app campaigns, unlike on the web, have traditionally not promoted in-app content, such as a discount on cleaning supplies. Without knowing which marketing campaigns drive post-install purchases, it’s impossible to gauge performance.

With their customization of the Branch banner, Jet can analyze data and track user conversion all the way from ad campaign, to web, to app, to purchase. With all the data they need to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, Jet is able to make informed decisions about where to focus their paid attribution efforts.

Using the Branch banner, Jet has tracked great results:

  • 4% of users who see their banner will download the app (making 26% of total Jet app users!)
  • 3x increase in average daily downloads
  • 10% increase in users who opened the app after initial download
  • 103% increase in conversion-to-purchase behavior

By providing better experiences for users that are fully trackable in the Branch dashboard, Jet is able to optimize their marketing efforts.