How EatSure Leveraged Branch To Become A True Pioneer In The Indian Restaurant Sector

Rebel Foods, the largest virtual, cloud kitchen restaurant chain in India, is leveraging its revolutionary food court in an app called EatSure to transform the world of food delivery in ways previously unimagined. According to RedSeer Management Consulting, the delivery-only virtual restaurant sector is projected to become a $2 billion industry by 2024 in India, up from only $400 million in 2019. Rebel Foods operates 350 kitchens across 45 Indian cities and has established a name for itself in Dubai, Indonesia, the U.K., and several other markets. 


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When Rebel Foods noticed that customers in India were looking for food delivery services that made their health and safety a top priority with the onset of COVID-19, they tapped into this insight to take advantage of the opportunity it presented.

What Is EatSure’s Unique Selling Proposition?

The innovative app allows customers to indulge in cuisines from around the world from many diverse, trusted restaurants in one single order. This is something that is not currently possible across any other platform – online or offline. EatSure is based on the most important values of assurance – across People, Processes, Packaging, and Produce for all the restaurants that are EatSure compliant. It also ensures that every single dish from an indulgent pizza to a decadent chocolate lava cake is free of any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors when ordering from reputable brands like Faasos, Mandarin Oak, and Sweet Truth.

Valued at close to $820 million in 2020, this app is no small player in the global food and beverage industry. EatSure ensures that its users have the most seamless user experience every time they interact with the brand by leveraging Branch’s sophisticated deep linking technologies throughout the user journey, even when using the app for the very first time.

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Let’s take a closer look at how exactly this is made possible.

Branch’s Arsenal of Tools

EatSure leverages Branch’s core products, such as deep linking, Universal Ads, and Journeys, to drive app growth and boost user engagement. They also leverage Branch-powered links to drive cross-platform growth – covering mobile app, web, and offline channels. 

Robust Foundation

Through the use of proprietary deep linking technology, Branch ensures that the user experience from the trigger point to the conversion is not broken or disrupted in any way, whether or not they have the app installed.

Deep Linking

By incorporating Branch links into EatSure’s advertising campaigns, it ensures its users are able to smoothly transition right from the content that triggered their interest to the in-app content that might get them to make a purchase or convert in some way. The resulting seamless user experience helps marketers boost app engagement and retention. Moreover, using Branch deep links across channels helps EatSure track important user data online and make insightful decisions to drive growth.

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     Facebook deep links

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Instagram deep links

Core Solutions

Universal Ads 

Deep linking through Universal Ads allows EatSure to respond to user behavior contextually. EatSure uses Universal Ads to drive user acquisition and track down-funnel events. For example, if a user already has the app installed, their click seamlessly takes them into the app. If not, they are sent to the App Store to download the app, after which they are directed to the content they were viewing before the install. Branch’s platform helps EatSure scale their marketing campaigns to accommodate more than 50+ partners, and accurately attribute events and user behavior to each partner individually. Beyond improving user experiences, Universal Ads makes it possible to measure and identify paid ad install performance with the greatest precision.


Journeys helps EatSure drive more installs and purchases without increasing spend on paid advertising for brands like Behrouz Biryani, Faasos, and Oven Story. Journeys turns mobile websites into a source of app installs using the power of personalized web-to-app banners.

Image of mobile web banner on Ovenstory app


With Journeys, the team can test multiple, unique templates to quickly create campaigns tailored to design and branding guidelines in minutes, reducing the need for developer resources to run A/B tests. Native mobile apps outperform mobile websites across almost every engagement metric and singularly drive 3x more sales. Thus, it is easy to see why EatSure incorporated Journeys into their mobile marketing efforts – so that they never miss an opportunity to convert cost-effective website traffic into high-value app users again.


Social & SMS

EatSure leverages Branch’s cross-platform engagement solution to deep link users from social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and SMS directly to specific content inside the app. Using Branch links across multiple social media channels, EatSure drives more installs and engagement without increasing spend on paid advertising.

Bridging Offline to Online User Experiences

QR Codes

Beyond the scope of digital campaigns, EatSure leverages Branch-powered QR codes to drive users straight into the app from offline environments as well. All it takes is a quick scan to launch a prospective offline user to content inside the app to become a fully engaged user primed for conversion. EatSure uses this solution to drive greater app adoption among its offline users. 

To see it in action, watch this video:




EatSure can measure the success and, more importantly, the failure of its marketing efforts using Branch’s attribution solution. By attributing the right conversion activity to every effective CTA on every active marketing channel, Branch helps EatSure effortlessly keep track of the most effective marketing campaigns and optimize spend. 

Using Branch-powered deep linking solutions, EatSure has turned an insight into a lucrative opportunity by investing in cutting-edge technology to become a ground-breaking pioneer in the global food and beverage space. As more people start demanding greater transparency in every aspect of food sourcing and preparation, right from farm to fork, EatSure will be there – poised and ready to deliver on every front. 

To get a taste of the innovative user experience that EatSure offers, experience the EatSure App for yourself to find out how they are transforming the user journey from cloud kitchen to plate.

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