Firebase Dynamic Links vs. Branch Links: A Comparison

At Branch, we eat, sleep, and breathe mobile linking. We have been doing this for the last few years, and as app developers ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes and know how critical it is that the platform support your every feature. Branch links were a result of us trying to market and promote our own app, and we designed it to solve our needs. It shows in our features and capabilities.

We’re sure you’ve noticed that in Google I/O 16, a team of folks unveiled the new Firebase mobile app development platform with a new feature called ‘Dynamic Links’. We are very excited to see Google is thinking about mobile linking, as we’ve been starting to feel pretty lonely in the deep linking space. We were even hoping that they might have come up with some new features that we hadn’t thought of. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

In case anyone else was looking to do a comparison of the feature set between Branch and Firebase Dynamic Links, we’ve prepared a helpful table. Enjoy!

Google Firebase Dynamic Links vs. Branch Deep Links
Branch Links Firebase Links
No cost to use YES YES
String-built, long links via query parameters YES YES
Google App Indexing support YES YES
A single SDK for all services YES NO
Rich attribution analytics YES NO
Web to app tools YES NO
Integrations with marketing channels/platforms YES NO
Support for over 6000 deep linking edge cases YES NO
Support for cross platform development tools YES NO
Industry-leading, SLA-backed technical support YES NO


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