Mobile Analytics Tools

What are mobile analytics tools?

Platforms or software that gather and analyze user data. Mobile analytics tools help businesses understand their users better and provide insights that can be used to optimize user experience and advertising spend. This can result in increased and more meaningful user engagement.

Mobile analytic tools are used to help capture mobile analytics data — data from visitors of mobile apps, websites, and web apps. The purpose of this data is to identify unique users, track their journeys, record their behaviors, and report on the app’s performance.

Mobile analytics tools help gather and provide valuable mobile analytics data to improve advertising and marketing. The data acquired from mobile analytics tools help businesses discover customer usage patterns so they can develop experiences that encourage specific behaviors.

What mobile analytics tools do

The data that mobile analytics tools provide is extremely valuable and has many uses, including:

  • Stop users from abandoning an app
  • Get deep insights into your app’s KPIs
  • Stay informed about bugs and crashes
  • Discover hidden mobile growth opportunities
But not all mobile analytics tools are created equal

Traditional mobile analytics tools help businesses track and analyze user behavior on mobile devices. This provides insights into how users interact with mobile apps, mobile websites, and other mobile content. While the data is incredibly valuable, it’s event-based. When planning content marketing activities, you want to know more specific information regarding what content contributes to engagement.

More modern tools, like Branch, use deep linking to help marketers understand attribution and user journeys, which solves complex problems better than traditional mobile analytics tools. Such platforms are able to provide a wider and more specific array of information to help drive app adoption, improve mobile experiences, increase engagement and revenue, and make better investment decisions — and get it all done faster.