Contextual Deep Linking

What is contextual deep linking?

Contextual deep linking is a type of targeted advertising that uses the context of a user’s current location, search query, or other factors to provide them with a more relevant link to a specific piece of content. It improves UX by providing relevant content, and it tracks user behavior.

Contextual deep links allow developers to give users a much more personalized and targeted app experience directly after they open an app — also known as “onboarding.” Developers can build features off these links that bring users directly to a customized welcome screen after download or allow them to automatically upload a promo code. They also enable marketers to gather information on how advertising campaigns and marketing channels are performing.

These links work much like basic and deferred deep links, except they not only pass user data to an app through the install so users can be correctly redirected to where they intend to land within an app, but also record information about the user, including who they are, where they were referred from, who referred them, or which promotion code they want to apply to their order.