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At Branch, we empower our team to hire people from a wide array of backgrounds and walks of life to build a more inclusive culture and a better product. We believe that this is the key to building a strong, resilient business, and we are committed to be the change.

Alex Austin (he/him), CEO & Co-founder

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Branch’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) unite coworkers around the world and empower each employee to bring their authentic self to work.



Our mission is to empower the Asian and Pacific Islander community at Branch to grow and thrive by fostering conversations and raising awareness of the issues facing API employees and the community at large, building community and deepening relationships among employees by celebrating the rich cultures encompassed by API heritage, and standing in solidarity against racial inequity and discrimination in all forms.



The Parents ERG is a safe forum that provides opportunities for discussion between parents, people who might want to be parents, and people who want to support parents, in order to identify and advocate for ways that Branch can further assist parents through all stages of life. We aim to create spaces for open dialogue between parents of all perspectives. We also work to promote work-life balance so members can prioritize both family and work responsibilities.



We aim to bring LGBTQ+ culture and history to the forefront of the Branch community, in an effort to implement continued diversity and meaningful change where it belongs. The Pride ERG proudly represents Branch amongst queer-identifying professionals and embarks on philanthropic endeavors that give back to the global LGBTQ+ community.



Our mission is to foster safe spaces, support professional development, and provide access to networking opportunities for Branch employees of African descent. The Roots ERG embraces the diversity of its members and their backgrounds, and looks to embolden all Black employees at Branch to build, grow, and win together.



We foster a safe, inclusive environment for all Branch team members. Our community encourages physical and mental well-being through education, open discussion, resources for empowerment, and community action. We aim to create a community within Branch where everyone feels accommodated, accepted, and supported, regardless of physical or mental status.



We are here to develop a strong network as well as promote the cultural diversity and professional development of our members. Together, we will make an impact within the Hispanic and LatinX communities inside and outside of Branch.



We are dedicated to empowering and supporting women at Branch. Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive environment that encourages women to advance their skills and leadership capabilities through mentorship, collaboration, and open discussions.

Sharing our diverse stories

I like the pace, the independence, and the supportive environment at Branch. There’s always an abundance of things that need doing, and I feel very encouraged to take the initiative to own any problems I encounter.

Mack (they/them), Engineering

Branch has empowered me to show up as my authentic self, enabling me to become a better version of myself professionally and personally. I’ve been supported in sharing my disability in a public way, and was met with acceptance and an invitation to join our Uplift ERG.

Sam (she/her), Marketing

I don’t want to fit into the mold of what a typical “Asian woman” is – agreeable, easy to walk all over, soft spoken, etc. Being an Asian woman at Branch has reminded me that it’s okay to speak up if you disagree or to bring up issues if I have any.

Cynthia (she/her), Marketing

Branch demographics

We are dedicated to a diverse and inclusive global team, which requires accountability. That’s why we’ve published our current results and aspirations publicly.

2022 results

workforce made up of women globally


management roles that are held by women globally


tech roles that are held by women globally


workforce made up of underrepresented populations (Black, Latino, Indigenous) in US

2024 aspirations

workforce made up of women globally


management roles that are held by women globally


tech roles that are held by women globally


workforce made up of underrepresented populations (Black, Latino, Indigenous) in US

Our commitments

We’re dedicated to building a company that is representative, respectful, and inclusive of all people, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

Tech for Black founders            Tech for Female Founders                Equal Pay Pledge

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