The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing: Paid & Affiliate Marketing

How can you cut through the noise and get your app noticed in a fragmented mobile ecosystem?

Paid media and advertising allows you to easily reach your target audience and boost your brand’s presence in the mobile ecosystem. Based on Stanford’s sold-out BUS 257 course taught by Branch co-founder Mada Seghete and Graphite CEO Ethan Smith, this paper will explore paid, affiliate, and influencer strategies to grow your app despite modern challenges. You’ll learn:

– The different types of paid advertising
– Various ad networks and how to choose the right one for your brand
– Why unlocking the app for affiliate marketing is so important
– How to think about influencer campaigns
– Paid media KPIs
– Tips and techniques from Gallant Chen, former VP of Digital Marketing at Zendesk
– Valuable questions to ask your team and align your strategy

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