The 2020 Mobile Growth Handbook: Mobile in the Age of COVID-19

How do you pivot your mobile strategy in times of uncertainty? How do you respond to drastic and ever-changing shifts in your user base as a result of a global pandemic? How do you think about retention, engagement, and growth in this new world?

In our 2020 Mobile Growth Handbook, we’ve included tips and best practices on Retention, Engagement, Advocacy, Acquisition, and Attribution, we’ve shared trends we’ve seen in the mobile industry and app users as a result of COVID-19, as well as how to adjust your business practices through a COVID-19 lens.

We’ve also compiled insights and tips from the mobile marketing strategies of today’s leading companies, including:

Remerge, Caribu, Flipkart, Fitbod, Vroom, Zurich, Travello App, MoEngage, SmartNews, Tradesy, Vroom, and more!

The 2020 Mobile Growth Handbook includes:

– New tips and best practices from top mobile growth experts
– Data you need to help you better understand the mobile app ecosystem in a COVID world — including exclusive Branch data and graphs
– Strategies to connect your users across platforms and put an end to siloed data
– 136 pages containing tips on how to think about mobile in today’s world

So what are you waiting for? Download the 2020 Mobile Growth Handbook to elevate your mobile strategy!

Get over 100 tips on ways to elevate your mobile strategy and set your brand up for success.

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