The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing

If you’re limiting your growth marketing tactics to one stage of the marketing funnel, you’re missing out on higher user LTV, in-app revenue, and ROI. Growth marketing is defined as growing your user base throughout all stages of the funnel, while relying on accurate data and analytics to refine and optimize your strategy. In this paper based on Stanford’s sold-out BUS 257 course taught by Mada Seghete, co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Branch, and Ethan Smith, CEO of Graphite, we’ll explore how to move beyond traditional marketing methods and think of new strategies to approach the unique challenges of a fragmented mobile ecosystem.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Specific strategies for growth down each stage of the marketing funnel
  • Challenges and solutions to achieving growth
  • Organic, low-cost growth strategies
  • How to optimize your paid marketing strategy
  • How to achieve app virality
  • How to activate and retain your users long-term
  • The fundamentals to measuring growth

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