Branch for Healthcare: Achieving Mobile Growth and Compliance

Mobile has transformed the way healthcare enterprises engage with patients by enabling connected experiences right from users’ fingertips. Serving as the vital link between key marketing touchpoints and mobile apps, Branch is dedicated to helping our customers harness the full potential of mobile. 

Yet, we understand the complexities involved in protecting patient data and ensuring effective customer engagement on mobile platforms. Branch has earned the trust of prominent healthcare enterprises by implementing robust privacy measures and protection of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Join us for a deep dive into why Branch is the preferred linking and attribution partner for healthcare enterprises. 

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The mobile opportunities available to healthcare enterprises
  • Branch’s best practices and top use cases tailored for the healthcare industry
  • Our approach to safeguarding consumer data points (IDFA, I.P. Address, Device I.D., or other unique identifiers)


Amanda Vandiver


Amanda first joined Branch in 2017, where her success as an Account Executive propelled her to become a founding member of Branch’s product marketing team in 2019. Now as the Principal Product Marketing Manager and Team Lead for Branch, Amanda plays a pivotal role in helping mobile teams understand the value of Branch’s growth and solutions. She is a connector, creator, and storyteller with a track record for leading strategic product launches.

Lester Chan

Head of Security and IT @ Branch

Lester Chan (he/him) is Head of Security and IT at Branch. Lester and his team play a critical role in maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for Branch and its customers. With over 30 years of experience in IT, security risk & compliance, Lester is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, compliance, and user satisfaction. Prior to joining Branch, Lester served as VP, Chief Information Security Officer, at KOHO and Head of Enterprise Security at Zoom Video Communications. He holds a B.S. from San Jose State University in Management Information Systems and MBA from San Francisco Bay University.

Andrew Sylvia

Senior Product Manager @ Branch

With over a decade of experience, Andrew is a seasoned product manager. He recently drove the global digital adoption of CrossFit and now leads the Journeys and QR Codes product lines at Branch.