3 Secrets to Unlocking the App for Affiliate Marketing

Building a mobile app is hard work. You spend countless hours perfecting the design, content, and user experience. However launching the app is only the beginning. Distributing your app is the key to your success and one of the best ways to grow app traffic and revenue is by leveraging affiliates who have easy access to and influence over your target audiences.

However the majority of affiliate campaigns continue to drive users to mobile websites where the user experience is limited, engagement is poor, and conversions rates are lower than the app. How can you provide the best seamless experience routing users to the right place, whether it should be to the web or app? How can you properly track and credit app conversions driven by affiliates? How can brands scale their app growth through affiliate marketing and performance partnerships?

Join us on Thursday 3 September at 15:00 BST as Branch and Awin discuss:

  • How the affiliate marketing ecosystem is shifting from web to app
  • The value of unlocking mobile apps for brands, publishers, and the affiliate ecosystem
  • How to transform and scale your existing affiliate campaigns through deep linking and measurement
  • Real-life examples of affiliate-to-app experiences built by brands and publishers today


Karthik Kannan | Branch
Simon Baptist | Branch
Clementyne Lavender | Awin