Senior Director of Product Management at Best Buy: Surendra Bashani – Growing a Business by Creating Customer Value

Surendra Bashani, the Senior Director of Product Management at Best Buy, joins us in the next episode of How I Grew This podcast.

Surendra describes his role at Best Buy, where he focuses on various programs to see how customers behave and improve their customer experience. To measure the success of the programs, the team checks the metrics from adoption to increase engagement. Also, they measure customer feedback through CSAT surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, NPS, and the store associates’ feedback and experiences.

Growing a business depends on the company, the product’s life cycle, and the problems you can solve. There are two parts to grow, marketing and creating value for customers.

Furthermore, Surendra talks about the impact of mobile technology on business growth. Three main elements drive the adoption of AR and VR. Firstly, hardware and AI on smartphones are getting faster and more powerful. Secondly, data is going faster. And thirdly, customers’ interest in the metaverse and emerging gaming experience.

Finally, Surendra gives valuable advice for people who want to become successful product managers and leaders. If you also want to become a top product leader, listen to the episode’s podcast.