Former CTO @ Gojek – Ajey Gore: Simplifying Through Prioritization

Ajey Gore is on a mission to grow through simplification. As a serial entrepreneur who’s led technology teams for companies like ThoughtWorks, Hopper, and most recently as the CTO of Gojek, he takes a thoughtful approach to bringing balance both in work and in life.

As a teenager he printed business cards but, after accidentally blowing up his brother’s computer, he signed up for the closest computer science class and was obsessed ever since. Fast forward to his time at Gojek where he oversaw 30 – 40 million app impressions a day, Ajey reveals that a focus on product market fit and delighting customers is the only north star one can follow.

More on Ajey’s story including what it’s like to prioritize new marketplaces when everything seems like green field, the importance of purposeful communication within an organization, and why formal education isn’t necessarily a great prerequisite for a career in technology.

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