Director of PM @ Hyatt: Ben Weiss – Bridging the Gap Between the Physical & Digital

Ben Weiss has built a career with an attention to detail and quality specifically around the mobile customer journey from offline into digital. As an intern at Walgreens in 2007, he pitched the then CEO about creating a mobile app in the first place. Long story short, they listened. Over the course of the next decade, Ben rose the ranks, starting from the bottom as an intern and exiting at the top as the Director of Product Management for Mobile. Today, he oversees the global digital product management teams for mobile at Hyatt. His new mission: Rethink what the hotel experience could look and feel like in this new era of Covid-19.

More on Ben’s story including how he’s bridging the gap between physical and digital through employee education, how to build an app for an older demographic, and his observations of digital adoption more broadly. All this and more on this episode of How I Grew This. Listen now on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and more.