Referral SaaSquatch Partners with Branch Metrics to Make App Referrals Seamless

Branch Metrics, the leader in mobile deep linking, and Referral SaaSquatch, a pioneer in referral platforms, have joined forces to offer mobile app developers a powerful new way to organically grow their user-base by providing users with a seamless and robust referral experience.

PALO ALTO, Calif.July 9, 2015 – Branch ( Signs point to mobile deep linking being one of the most talked about topics in 2015.  Branch Metrics, a pioneer in contextual deep linking, and Referral SaaSquatch, a leading provider of customer referral software, have partnered to make customer acquisition easier for mobile apps.

Driving app growth is at the core of this partnership.  Referral SaaSquatch’s intuitive framework for making customer referral programs across mobile, web and offline channels is strengthened by incorporating Branch Metrics’ deep linking solutions, which provide a more accurate level of attribution and fulfillment.  This collaboration makes for a better and more complete user experience, no matter which platform the users are on.

Will Fraser, CEO of Referral SaaSquatch, says, “A friend’s recommendation is the most trusted form of marketing and until now companies with a mobile app have been missing a quality referral solution for growth.”  He points out that in the past a company’s only option has been to build one in-house, causing a huge drain on internal resources.

Mobile sharing programs are not new, but most rely on clunky codes and manual inputs, and only work on a limited number of platforms.  Simplifying the procedure can be accomplished with Branch links—referral links for every user that can be shared anywhere. This linking component contains the information to automatically reward both the referring and referred users without the laborious task of entering a promo or coupon code.

The benefits of this system are two-fold. First, the parties are automatically rewarded and attributed, which gives companies a painless solution to customer acquisition and access to elusive app store insights.  Customer referral programs become less cryptic with solid attribution on the user level that allows companies to track the experience they are providing all the way through the acquisition funnel.

Second is the unparalleled user experience Branch Metrics provides. No matter where Branch’s links are shared (email, SMS, desktop, Facebook, etc.), they always point new users to the right place without errors or broken pathways.  Additionally, Branch’s contextual deep links provide the unprecedented solution for passing data through the app stores, allowing for personalized onboarding and better conversions of new users.

According to Mike Molinet, co-founder of Branch Metrics, developers across the Branch network have seen a 100% lift in conversion to signup and long-term retention when originating from a contextual deep link. He says, “We’re excited to partner with Referral SaaSquatch because they complement our contextual deep linking tech with high-quality referral program analytics and a full cross-platform offering.  Now customers can get everything they’ve ever wanted in mobile app referrals without having to build the complex referral infrastructure themselves.”

About Referral SaaSquatch (

Referral SaaSquatch helps companies acquire new customers through existing customer recommendations. To do this, Referral SaaSquatch provides a customer referral program platform that encourages, tracks and fulfills rewards for successful referrals. Their platform drives new customer acquisition and improves customer happiness for its clients. With customers around the world, Referral SaaSquatch’s client list includes LogMeIn, Kobo, Unblock-Us and Typeform. Referral SaaSquatch is funded by high tech venture capital firm Wesley Clover and is in San Francisco, California and Victoria, British Columbia.

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Branch’s mission is to make app growth and discovery easier and more achievable for every app developer. To accomplish this, Branch had built a complete end-to-end linking solution that replaces every link that points to an app, such as shared links, marketing links, referral links, advertising links and more. Additionally, the Branch dashboard delivers powerful insights into the performance of growth initiatives, allowing improvement of user activations and conversions. Branch is an essential tool for any mobile app hungry for growth, with thousands of partners including HotelTonight, iHeartRadio, Instacart and Flipboard.