Localytics and Branch Metrics Partner to Offer Powerful Organic Attribution for Mobile

The partnership provides mobile marketers with an untapped strategy for new user acquisition and app growth

SAN FRANCISCOJuly 30th, 2015 – Branch (https://branch.io/), the leader in mobile deep linking, and Localytics, the app lifecycle engagement platform, have partnered to offer mobile marketers a way to track the origin of their organic users and maximize their overall acquisition return on investment. The partnership solves an important problem facing many developers – the inability to track and understand the true impact of organic users on an app’s growth. With Branch’s deep linking and organic attribution features, and Localytics’ insights on in-app user behavior, the partnership will unlock the data and tools companies need to understand and optimize their organic acquisition efforts.

“We’re excited to partner with Localytics to help app marketers understand how organic users are finding their apps and then help them customize campaigns for that segment,” says Mike Molinet, co-Founder of Branch Metrics. “Organic users are an incredibly valuable group, and they deserve a post-install marketing experience that’s unique to them. With Branch and Localytics, developers are now able to leverage their organic user base to drive higher engagement and grow their apps.”

By combining Branch’s contextual deep linking technology with Localytics’ integrated analytics and marketing platform, app marketers can now evaluate organic acquisition efforts “beyond the download” with more meaningful metrics like lifetime value or a user’s propensity to become an influencer. Using these insights, marketers can understand which organic sources bring in valuable users, compare the results against their paid campaigns, and optimize their marketing spend accordingly. With Localytics’ integrated platform, they can also leverage those insights to drive personalized engagement with their users through push notifications, in-app messaging and email marketing.

“Our customers use our platform to engage their users throughout the entire lifecycle, and knowing where users come from is the first step,” says Brian Suthoff, CSO at Localytics. “Integrating Branch’s organic deep linking features with our analytics and marketing capabilities provides customers with a complete understanding of their organically acquired user base and gives them the tools they need to grow their apps efficiently.”

To learn more, join Branch and Localytics today for a webinar, “Unlocking App Success – How to Turn Your App Into a Mobile Growth Engine” (7/30, 2pm EDT) or for a Mobile Growth Hackers Meetup in Boston (7/30, 6:30pm EDT).

About Localytics (http://www.localytics.com)

Smart app marketing demands powerful analytics. Only Localytics brings app marketing and analytics together in one complete platform. Used in more than 37,000 apps on more than 2.7 billion devices, Localytics helps companies such as ESPN, Fox, and The New York Times create personalized app experiences that drive higher engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value. With one solution, mobile marketers and developers can gather deep, actionable user insights that power predictive intelligence, automate marketing campaigns, and personalize push and in-app messaging. Localytics is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in San Francisco and London.

About Branch Metrics (https://branch.io/)

Branch’s mission is to make app growth and discovery easier and more achievable for every app developer. To accomplish this, Branch had built a complete end-to-end linking solution that replaces every link that points to an app, such as shared links, marketing links, referral links, advertising links, and more. Branch is an essential tool for any mobile app hungry for growth, with thousands of partners including HotelTonight, iHeartRadio, Instacart, and Flipboard.