Branch Announces the Mobile Industry’s First People-based Attribution Engine

Branch’s new People-based Attribution platform unifies mobile attribution across the silos of web, social platforms, and native apps.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 12, 2017 – Branch (, the linking infrastructure for the world’s leading mobile brands, has unveiled People-based Attribution, an attribution platform that, for the first time, can effectively measure conversions through the complex user journey across both web and mobile apps.

The rise of mobile products and platforms has fragmented user experience and measurement. This creates significant challenges for brands to accurately attribute the performance of marketing campaigns, which results in suboptimal distribution of campaign spend. Furthermore, large platforms have started to leverage in-app browsers to drive user engagement inside apps — an average mobile user will regularly engage with four or five different browsers. This creates a less-than-ideal user experience because each in-app browser requires the user to login to assume their identity, as cookies are different from browser to browser.

To further complicate things, the native app leverages a completely different technology for identity management. This fragmented ecosystem has rendered it impossible for brands to piece together the complete digital journey of their users, because that requires the user to log in across every browser along the way.

Branch solves the problem by providing an attribution engine powered by an identity graph that unifies the fragmentation across different browsers and apps. With the most advanced deep linking technology that bridges the user experience across channels and platforms, and with over 30,000 mobile apps using the platform, Branch has achieved a scale where nearly every mobile device across the globe interacts with Branch links on a monthly basis. This has allowed the company to build a deterministic identity graph that unifies fragmentation across digital silos. Today, Branch is introducing the industry’s first-ever mobile attribution engine powered by this identity graph, giving unprecedented insight into the multi-stage, cross-platform customer journey, allowing brands to track and attribute the full impact of their marketing campaigns or product features.

“With the meteoric rise in popularity of native mobile apps, businesses have had an incredibly difficult time bridging the divide from social platforms, to mobile browsers, to native apps, from both user experience and user measurement perspectives. Branch links were created to address this pain point, offering a contextual experience as a user transitions from mobile web to app,” said Alex Austin, CEO and co-founder of Branch. “Today is a historic day, one in which we leverage the scale of Branch’s identity data to solve the most pressing issue facing measurement: platform fragmentation. The future of mobile attribution is here. With People-based Attribution, brands can correctly attribute direct or organic traffic back to their campaigns. We enable businesses to measure people, not cookies.”

People-based Attribution is immediately available for all existing and new businesses. To learn more:

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