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About Philips

Philips has been improving people’s lives for 125 years. It continuously strives to make the world healthier and more sustainable through ground-breaking innovation that matters to its customers.

The company is currently on a journey to transform into a health technology leader and aims to improve 3 billion lives per year by 2030. It plans to achieve this through strategic technology partnerships that transform every stage of the healthy journey from healthy living and prevention through precision diagnosis and personalized treatment to care in the home – coming back full circle to healthy living again.


The Philips digital touchpoint landscape was highly fragmented, leading to disjointed user experiences. For example, the company has around 50 mobile apps in app stores that are not linked to each. But for the ideal customized experience, they should connect when it is helpful for the user. Moreover, its marketing team was unable to create emails with links to the correct contextual content within the appropriate app. What the Philips team needed was a scalable deep linking solution across all their digital touchpoints to offer to the user one seamless mobile experience.

That’s when the team discovered Branch.


Philips implemented Branch’s mobile linking platform to drive users contextually into their various apps from the mobile web and paid ad campaigns, offering a seamless and personalized experience around its products.

In the example below, a user clicks a deep link on Philips’ mobile website for their Airfryer NutriU app and is routed through the install process to the onboarding screen in the NutriU app.

Screenshot of Philips' mobile website showing a static banner to download the NutriU app.

Screenshot of the NutriU app listing in the Google Play store.

Onboarding screen in the NutriU app.

Philips’ philosophy is Consumer First. Because on this, it is moving from a product-driven organization to a solution-driven one. By implementing Branch, the team can offer users a more complete mobile solution — personalizing the app in a way that improves the overall user experience and allows users to maximize the value they receive from Philips products. Branch’s deep linking capabilities have been crucial in making this connection for the user.


So far, Philips has seen impressive results:

  • Increased engagement: In just 8 months, the monthly user adoption rate of Philips apps rose from 3% to 10%
  • Overall app growth: Branch helped Philips drive a total of 745,000 app installs in just 3 months

“Branch has been a critical partner in driving mobile growth and getting the most out of our mobile platforms. As Philips looks to innovate with partners, Branch has proven to be eager to learn and move forward with us. Thus, we are excited to identify together all future opportunities to grow further in the digital landscape.”

Gianna Spyroulia, Digital Marketing

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