Branch’s India Team: Culture and Growth

Quote with screenshot of Michelle Rife, Branch VP of Global Talent Acquisition: I came away from this trip with a refreshed perspective on global leadership, teamwork, and the importance of intentionality in learning about and from each other.


Recently, I had the opportunity to visit our APAC team in India. Of course, I expected to deepen relationships with team members and experience the vibrant culture and hospitality I had witnessed (via Zoom) for years, but I was amazed when I got to meet team members in person for the first time. They told me to think of the Mahatma Gandhi quote, “We are true custodians of hospitality, proud proponents of traditional arts and culture.” Our India team clearly demonstrates this dynamic culture and hospitality, and brings these traits to the Branch culture at large.

Our global team is one that deeply respects and learns from the diverse cultures represented in our regional offices. Personally, I came away from this trip with a refreshed perspective on global leadership, teamwork, and the importance of intentionality in learning about and from each other.

Branch continues to be committed to diversity and inclusion and creating a culturally balanced environment in which our employees can flourish. While I was there, I was honored to participate in a Branch hosted  “Women in Leadership” panel discussion that highlighted how women in India are thriving in various roles in both tech and non-tech companies.

The Branch India team is growing fast, with an emphasis on collaborative culture, sustained career growth, and providing meaningful impact on our company mission.

Branch India Supports Our Mission

Branch’s mission is to create a more connected, open, and relevant digital ecosystem, and the Branch India team is an integral part of our historical and future success. Branch incorporated in India in 2017, and India now makes up 78% of our APAC employee base. Our APAC region is the fastest growing mobile market, with India being a very important region to continue to grow as a company.

Our India team brings a passion for collaboration, friendship, celebration, intense work ethic, and relentless focus each day, ensuring that we reach for our mission and have a strong culture as our foundation for every effort.


Branch’s India employees are a shining example of Branch’s global culture. Frequent team outings, departmental and regional culture building activities, and corporate events permeate the day-to-day experiences of our team. This culture fosters belonging and inclusion.

Team building and outings

From offsites to All-hands meetings, we value togetherness and teamwork as a foundational component for our success (for this team, togetherness usually involves food)!

Holiday celebrations

No matter the occasion, we view holidays as an opportunity to celebrate together as a team.

India through your lens

India is a pillar of the Branch team. We asked our team members to share the vibrancy of India with our broader global team through an “India through your lens” challenge. These are just a few of the submissions.

Career Growth

Branch puts every effort into supporting our India team to progress and grow in their careers. Every team member enjoys frequent review cycles, cross-functional and global work opportunities, a work from home stipend, yearly professional development stipends, and more. At Branch, we want our team to do the best work of their careers, which means supporting our team to develop professionally and personally at Branch.

“Not only does Branch provide me with a learning and development budget to take additional courses, but Branch also provides its employees with growth opportunities not only within their departments but also cross functionally.” — Harsh (he/him), Engineering Team

“My favorite Branch value is Communication. For instance, we have transparent communication in the organization across all levels, which makes everyone feel vested, empowered and willing to contribute their viewpoints as you know it will be valued.” — Jesika (she/her), Marketing team

“Branch has allowed me to grow my skills as well as my responsibilities, and I think this is important so that I am set up for success. I believe that Branch culture is the biggest factor in helping me grow in my career. There is transparency and openness that allows me to gain any skills I need and get involved with any part of the organization. At the same time, everyone being so approachable accelerates my learning.” — Devi (he/him), Engineering team

“The global exposure that I have working at Branch is a huge boost to my career. Listening to various perspectives and learning about the cultures across the regions that I support helps me in developing the empathy that I need as I grow in my career. Listening from the founders directly, and hearing the way they keep every conversation honest, helps me imbibe keen leadership qualities that I believe will be hugely helpful in my career growth as I look to move from an IC to a managerial role.” — Yadush (he/him), Marketing team

Team expansion

Our team in India continues to grow, join us!

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