Branch’s Asia-Pacific Team is Growing, Join Us!

Our mission to create a more connected, open, and relevant digital ecosystem is the focus of every region, team, and individual at Branch. But what does that actually look like, and what draws people to our mission? 

Branch is a growing global company, and our Asia-Pacific (APAC) team is taking off. Our APAC region’s culture, career perspectives, and team dynamic are huge assets to the company that we are excited to highlight. Enjoy learning about our APAC team with photos and testimonials submitted by our passionate team members!

The Branch motto is Build, Grow, Win Together. 

Our APAC team exemplifies this motto with a relentless focus on execution, team growth, and constantly adapting in order to move the mobile ecosystem forward. Our team keeps customer needs and team cohesion at the front of their mind while they work to revolutionize the mobile ecosystem and propel their careers to new heights.

Professional headshot of Joseph

“I believe we will always work with smarter people than ourselves in a growing environment. All you need to do is discover better ideas from your team, improve the idea with mutual respect, and nurture the idea to reality through constant follow ups and support.”

Joseph (he/him), Head of Korea

Professional headshot of Aiden

“I love that everyone here is working towards a common goal. Even when team members work in different ways, with no hard-fixed answer to how we problem-solve, everyone here is always supportive, open to listening to new opinions, and encouraging one another.”

Aiden (she/her), sales

Branch career growth

Branch employees often say they do the best work of their career here, so we asked our APAC team about their growth at Branch.

Professional headshot of Aditi

“The annual educational budget is generous! I like having flexibility to utilize the budget the way I see fit, by buying relevant books or taking up additional certification courses. It’s a great way to keep learning while working.” 

Aditi (she/her), people

Professional headshot of Jeff

“Branch provided me the opportunity to grow with the China team from a very early stage. When we grew 10x in China, management and my direct reports gave me proper guidance and encouragement to successfully propel me from an individual contributor role to a management role. It had a huge impact on my career.”

Jeff (he/him), sales

Professional headshot of Yadush

“The global exposure that I have working at Branch is a huge boost to my career. Listening to various perspectives and learning about the cultures across the regions that I support helps me in developing the empathy that I need as I grow in my career. Listening from the founders directly, and hearing the way they keep every conversation honest, helps me imbibe keen leadership qualities that I believe will be hugely helpful in my career growth as I look to move to a managerial role. Working on multiple geographies also helps me learn so many new things every day, it is just simply fascinating.”

Yadush (he/him), marketing

A group of Branch team members smile for a photo in a wooded area, all are wearing matching dark blue Branch sweatshirts and are facing the camera and smiling.
Our people are our greatest strength

All hiring at Branch is based on finding team members who are driven, collaborative, smart, and humble. These traits align perfectly in our APAC region, where we have a culture of respect and inclusion in every interaction. Our APAC team takes time to celebrate culture, families, and one another during their pursuit of a connected mobile ecosystem.

We asked our APAC team what they love most about Branch’s culture:

Professional headshot of Harsh

“I’ll not hesitate to call Branch my second home as not only have I learned, made mistakes, and grown here but I have also made friends for a lifetime here, not only from my team but from different departments as well.”

Harsh (he/him), engineering 

Professional headshot of Vikas

“Having worked in startups before, Branch does follow some of the cultural practices from some of the best companies. What sets it apart from others is that a lot of things are actually implemented and followed here and are not just on paper. There is so much openness here that I feel empowered to express some strong opinions even with the CEO. Ideas and opinions are extremely well respected here. Branch is also a place where you can let your work do the talking and there is no unnecessary clutter to distract you from doing your career’s best work here.”

Vikas (he/him), sales 

Our APAC team is essential to Branch’s success, and we’re incredibly proud of the expertise and empathy showcased by each team member. 

Branch APAC continues to grow, consider applying to do the best work of your career! 

A group of Branch team members smile for a photo in a wooded area, all are wearing matching dark blue Branch sweatshirts and are facing away from the camera.