Announcing the Expansion of Branch in Europe and Latin America

One of the most amazing aspects of the mobile app business is the ability to reach a worldwide audience of billions with near instant and frictionless distribution. But the real challenge is  communicating your app’s value prop across time zones, languages, and cultures amidst all of the noise and competition. With limited budgets, time, arms, and legs, you have to prioritize markets, make the most of your resources, and look for ways to build sustainable virality so that your growth compounds.

At Branch, we exist to help you tackle that very challenge. We’d love for every app developer and mobile marketer to understand what we do, and how we can help them grow. Unfortunately, as 90 people we can’t be everywhere at once (although we really try hard to be). The difficult (but endlessly fascinating) part of my job as Head of International Expansion at Branch is to understand the nuances inside each country’s app economy and deciding where to focus our efforts.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve been expanding the company’s presence and headcount outside of Silicon Valley, both domestically and internationally. When we expanded our team in Eastern Europe and India last year, we had the privilege of working closely with the top apps in these regions, engaging the local app developer communities, and validating the strong demand for Branch’s free and premium app growth solutions in these regions.

The Branch India Team

Now I’m very excited to announce that Branch is further expanding our on-the-ground operations into Europe and Latin America. While we’ve been heavily engaged with many well known apps and local dev communities in these regions for some time, we can now offer dedicated local resources to support app developers and marketers in these two vital regions.

London Calling

Branch chose London as the center of Western Europe’s operations because of the robust and emerging  local app development ecosystem.

With an average 90% smart device penetration, Western Europe is one of the fastest growing regions for app adoption. UK consumers in particular have a strong preference for app usage — with  80% of all digital time spent is in mobile apps.

The startup scene in London is also extremely well connected, with a tight community that entrepreneurs can tap into for advice, intros or to find business partners. For app startups there is also a host of accelerators and incubators across all sectors; from Fintech to E-commerce that can help nurture early stage growth.

We currently power deep links and growth strategies for thousands of European companies including Skyscanner, FNAC, Bloom & Wild and more. And our CEO was recently interviewed on Paul Kemp’s App Guy Podcast.

São Paulo – Latin American Beachhead

Branch is making São Paulo the hub of our Latin American operations. In addition to being Brazil’s traditional financial capital, it’s also home to the majority of the country’s startups, VCs, and angel investors. You can see echoes of Silicon Valley throughout the area, from local takes on ridesharing (99taxis and easy taxi) and food delivery apps (iFood and Meatless) to the hip co-working spaces and CUBO. Additionally, São Paulo features a buzzing meetup scene that keeps entrepreneurs and technical folks chatting late into most evenings.

In Brazil, apps such as PlayKids, VivaReal, Youse, Peixe Urbano, and Grubster rely on Branch to drive referrals and web traffic back into native mobile experiences. We host regular Mobile Growth Meetups in Sao Paulo, and are partnering with existing developer communities to build awareness and socialize best practices around the challenges that app entrepreneurs face.

With two strong teams up-and-running in UK and Brazil, we can’t wait to work more closely with the growing local mobile developer communities and help them grow and get their apps discovered by a wider regional and worldwide audience through the power of deep linking. If you’re working on an app and would like to get in touch with one of our local representatives, sign up here for a live demonstration. We’d love to show you how our links can grow your app!