AdLibertas Acquired by Branch

I’m excited to announce that AdLibertas has been acquired by Branch!

For those of you who don’t know, AdLibertas was founded in 2016 to help mobile app developers leverage their own first-party user data to monitor, grow, and optimize their apps. By collecting and aggregating complex and disparate data sources, AdLibertas provides important insights into user behavior, which enables mobile developers to answer key questions that help their apps grow.

At AdLibertas, we love helping our customers grow their apps and are always on the lookout for ways to increase our value and contribution to our customers. By joining Branch, we’ll be able to increase the scale and effectiveness of our offerings and help our customers much more broadly and deeply.

In a world with increasingly restrictive data availability, an incredible amount of complexity, and a staggering competitive landscape, the burden increasingly falls to mobile app developers to overcome tremendous obstacles to maintain marketing efficacy. We can help. We’re joining Branch to help build the next-generation MMP. Our experience with helping developers leverage their data, combined with Branch’s breadth and scale, will allow us both to invest in the best possible future of mobile data for our customers.

Building AdLibertas has been an incredibly difficult and rewarding journey and we really couldn’t have done it without the dedication and support of our wonderful customers. We’re at the very beginning of a new journey and we all look forward to joining the Branch family and being able to continue our passion for helping mobile app developers grow and thrive.

Adam Landis
Founder & CEO, AdLibertas