Facebook ads, meet Branch

Branch is proud to be a Meta Business Partner. This enables Branch to offer independent, third-party attribution insights for Facebook ads.

Let Branch expand your horizon

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful tools in a modern marketing toolbox, but not the only one.

As a sophisticated marketer, you want to compare results across many ad networks. And to truly measure the impact of your campaigns, you also need to deduplicate conversions from channels like email, social, and web.

By combining Facebook insights with Branch’s exclusive cross-channel measurement solution, you will uncover the true drivers of user activity across every ad network and channel.

Branch is a member of the Meta Business Partners program, which means our attribution engine is integrated with Facebook and uses high quality Facebook ads data available to Meta Business Partners.

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Include Web Conversions

Branch allows you to follow complex user journeys that cross between Facebook and your mobile website. You get the full, cross-platform picture of your mobile ad performance, greater visibility into which campaigns are working, and unique insights to help optimize your campaigns for maximum results.

See the Whole Picture

Traditional MMPs can measure Facebook together with other ad networks, but Branch goes much further: we let you compare every acquisition channel you have, from ads to email to organic search, helping you to understand which of your marketing campaigns are working most effectively.

Unbeatable Attribution and Unbreakable Deep Links

You need accurate measurement, but your users just want an amazing app experience. With Branch, you can have the best of both worlds: first-class measurement from a Meta Business Partner and the most reliable deep links in the world.

More than Bean Counting

Thousands of top brands trust Branch to power outstanding user experiences designed to surprise and delight. With Branch, we don’t just send you a conversion report and a monthly bill—we’re here to help you grow at every step of the way.

Integrate Your Facebook Data in Minutes

Branch automatically retrieves mobile impressions and click data from all of your Facebook ads, without relying on tracking links or tags. And for apps under 10,000 monthly active users, it’s completely free.

Facebook ads measurement from Branch is available as part of the Universal Ads product. You’ll also get support for hundreds of other top ad networks, powerful deferred deep linking, and the best data export API in the industry.

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The details
Traditional MMP

Deduplicate claims for conversion credit between Facebook and other ad networks.

Automatic attribution for Facebook ads, without tracking links or tags.

Compare Facebook results against other ad networks.

Full click-through and view-through attribution without workarounds.

Measure conversions in your app.

Measure conversions on your website using the Branch Web SDK.

Compare Facebook against email, social, web-to-app, and more.

Rock-solid deferred deep linking, trusted by thousands of top apps.

Predictable, fixed pricing tiers.

Self-serve account configuration.