Demand-side Platform (DSP)

What is a demand-side platform (DSP)?

Technology that helps advertisers optimize their digital advertising by managing multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one platform. This helps advertisers find the best ad spaces for their needs at the best prices, so they get the most value from their ad spend.

A demand-side platform (DSP) is an advertising term referring to a company or a platform that allows media buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface.

By using a DSP instead of individual accounts for each different network, marketers can manage their bids for ads and the pricing for the data that they are layering on to target their audiences. Using DSPs allows users to optimize real time bidding based on set KPIs, such as CPC and CPA.

DSPs can offer wide access to inventory and vertical and lateral targeting, with the ability to serve ads, real-time bid on ads, track the ads, and optimize. DSPs are also commonly used for retargeting, as they are able to see a large volume of inventory in order to recognize an ad call from a user that an advertiser is trying to reach.

Mobile DSPs specifically focus on solving the many challenges of mobile advertising introduced by mobile fragmentation. Recent advances in technology mean that mobile DSPs can now track models, operating systems, screen size, location and more.