The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing: Organic App Growth

In a world where device-level data for paid advertising is coming to an end on iOS, organic strategies are now more important than ever. This paper is based on the sold-out Stanford BUS 257 course taught by Mada Seghete, co-founder and Head of Marketing at Branch, and Ethan Smith, CEO of Graphite, a boutique growth agency. It also contains contributions from Kevin Indig, former VP of SEO and Content at G2, and a checklist of questions to align your team.

Read to learn:
– The new way of rethinking your mobile SEO strategy
– Tips and techniques to leverage your existing website and users to convert into app users
– Web-to-app strategies and examples
– How to bridge the offline to online gap using QR codes
– Examples of organic strategies used by brands like Nike, Joe and the Juice, and more

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Develop a robust organic strategy to optimize your growth efforts while spending less.

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