The 2021 Mobile Growth Handbook

How do you acquire high-value users that turn into activated users with high LTV? What makes an app go viral, while another falters? How do you effectively measure both paid and organic mobile growth campaigns?

In our 2021 Mobile Growth Handbook, we present tips and best practices on organic and paid acquisition, user engagement and retention, activation, virality, and measurement to help elevate your growth strategy.

The 2021 Mobile Growth Handbook includes:

  • Tips and best practices from leading brands
  • The data and trends you need to know in order to optimize your growth strategy
  • Strategies for user acquisition, engagement, retention, activation, virality, and measurement
  • Over 120 pages containing tips on how to think about mobile in today’s world
  • An overview of the latest privacy principles and how they affect the mobile industry

Ready to transform your mobile growth strategy? Download your free copy today!

Over 120 pages of mobile growth tips and tricks to propel app growth, user acquisition, retention, and engagement

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