Announcing the 2022 Mobile Growth Awards Winners

It’s an honor for Branch to once again unveil the winners of the Mobile Growth Awards. Thank you to our judges who narrowed it down to just eight winners. These brands have showcased their efforts from the past year and exemplify the spirit of innovation and growth.

How Branch Simplifies SKAN 4.0

Since late October 2022, the mobile industry has been abuzz with the exciting news of SKAdNetwork 4.0’s release. Not only does this present an opportunity for those in mobile marketing to revamp their strategies, but SKAN 4.0 also presents many questions about how mobile measurement partners (MMPs) like Branch plan to support the latest changes in addition to previous versions of SKAN.  

Announcing the 2022 Mobile Growth Awards Finalists

For the third straight year, Branch’s Mobile Growth Awards have showcased innovative and thoughtful leadership in the mobile space. The winners of the awards, which honor companies that are driving growth and innovation in the mobile space, will be announced in December.

SKAdNetwork 4.0 Is Out — What Happens Now?

In a surprise launch at the end of October, Apple released SKAN 4.0 with iOS 16.1. Since then, the most sophisticated marketers have been scrambling to understand what they need to do to take full advantage of all the changes.