Raken Boosts App Installs and Drives More Revenue

With Raken, superintendents and project owners can make sure all the daily reports are accurate, with an ongoing, comprehensive work log, weather stamps, photos, and notes of what’s happening on-site. It’s accurate, saves people tons of time, and digitizes a process that has long needed improvement. Raken uses Branch’s branded links, deep linking, and attribution to understand our mobile growth and engagement. With Branch, Raken gets to see a holistic view of what drives customers to our app. For instance, Raken used Branch to measure the number of installs that became trial registrations, and the number of registrations that became customers. This allowed Raken to discover that the installs we drove from paid traffic were mostly junk registrations, thereby allowing Raken to scale back significantly on spend. Ultimately, Raken hyper-focused spend, so that paid traffic matched the quality of organic traffic. They saved huge amounts of money, just with that knowledge alone.