Sears & Kmart Drive Digital Transformation Success with Branch

Sears & Kmart provide millions of shoppers around the world with a wide range of home merchandise, apparel, automotive products, and services both in-store and online. As part of their larger digital transformation to keep up with changing technology, customer expectations, and new competitors, Sears & Kmart turned to Branch to create mobile experiences as frictionless as those in-store and on desktop.

With Branch’s Journeys, the teams are able to create seamless user journeys into the app across channels and platforms. Additionally, to measure and optimize campaign performance, they leverage Branch’s integration with Adobe Analytics which makes aligning Journeys performance to existing analytics incredibly easy.

  • 47% of app installs driven by Journeys — making it one of the brands’ primary and most cost-effective acquisition channels
  • 97% CPI cost savings with Journeys compared to the industry average cost for paid app install ads