The Ultimate Checklist for 8 User Acquisition Strategies That Actually Work

Mobile user acquisition is typically seen as a numbers game. It’s all about leveraging as many marketing channels as possible with the assumption that the wider you cast your net, the higher the conversion rate will be. But most user acquisition tactics are passive.  They present ideas and facts without context or fail to answer the nuanced questions a marketer may have. This is why we researched brands that have significantly grown using different — sometimes even unconventional — mobile user acquisition strategies.  

To help brands in 2022, we published our two-part detailed guide that explores eight helpful mobile user acquisition strategies:

We also thought it might be helpful to highlight the key takeaways. Here is a handy checklist you can use to quickly optimize your existing mobile user acquisition strategy. These strategies can help boost conversion rates across channels, enhance user experience, and drive app adoption more seamlessly. 

1. Personalized smart banners

  • Create personalized smart banners relevant to your user’s journey. 
  • Ensure your smart banners are equipped with contextual deep linking
  • Experiment with different creatives, targeting, and calls to action (CTAs) to drive higher user acquisition and engagement.

2. Search engine optimization

  • Focus on user search intent for mobile SEO.
  • Build a solid link architecture.
  • Set up a Google Business Profile for local SEO.
  • Create localized content to drive leads from your location.

3. Social media platforms

4. App install ads 

  • Run app install ads on your omnichannel network.
  • Experiment with ads on newer channels like TikTok to get your app seen by a larger audience.
  • Use social proof as a persuasive element in your ads. 
  • Create scroll-stopping creatives to hook your target audience. 
  • Analyze your campaign performance by measuring the amount of change in your revenue and user base. 

5. App store optimization (ASO)

  • Create a keyword strategy based on branded searches and intent search. 
  • Run paid advertisements within app stores to rank higher. 
  • Showcase your value propositions in your app store assets. 
  • Optimize your store assets based on your most popular features. 
  • Run A/B tests for different versions of content and visuals. 
  • Measure KPIs like application not responding (ANR), crash rate, and excessive wakeups. 

6. Referral programs

  • Offer users a tangible incentive to motivate them to take action.
  • Make referring to new users as easy and convenient as possible. 
  • Use native share sheets to make it easier for users to share referrals on multiple platforms.
  • Use deferred deep linking in your referral programs.
  • Run A/B tests to optimize your referral program.
  • Measure virality. How many new users are generated from existing users?

7. Email marketing

  • Build your email-to-app journey purposefully by segmenting your users.
  • Direct new users to a landing page, then show a smart banner to prompt app install. 
  • Guide existing users directly to the in-app content shown in your email.
  • Leverage deferred deep linking for a seamless user experience.

8. QR codes

  • Use a QR code in your retail store to drive app installs. 
  • Incorporate QR codes in print media to route offline users to the mobile app. 
  • Add QR codes to product packaging to share informational content.
  • Convert website visitors to high-value app users.
  • Use QR codes to drive loyalty, re-engagement, and for faster checkouts. 
  • Place QR codes on physical advertisements like billboards, or at key city locations.
  • Use QR codes in linear TV and OTT/CTV campaigns for a seamless experience from device to app. 

Looking for a partner to support your mobile user acquisition goals?

These eight mobile user acquisition strategies are pragmatic solutions that help alleviate marketing constraints like privacy regulations and complex buyer journeys. They have helped brands become more intentional with their user acquisition goals and achieve those goals with greater efficiency. 

If you’re looking for a partner who can implement these strategies successfully and support your mobile user acquisition goals, reach out to our team.