Celebrating One Year of Facebook MMP

Valentine’s Day is an extra special day at Branch: Exactly one year ago today, we officially announced our inclusion in the Facebook MMP program.

Prior to that milestone, Branch offered a robust deep linking and attribution platform that customers used for their earned and owned media channels. Branch’s deep links drove better customer experiences from those channels, and some clients found this so valuable that they chose to use Branch links in their ad campaigns (even though we did not yet have integrations built with Facebook and other ad networks).

All of that changed one year ago today, when Branch gained official Facebook mobile measurement partner (MMP) status.

Facebook maintains a high bar for admittance into its MMP program, and Branch’s inclusion demonstrates a significant degree of trust in our platform, and alignment on our vision for the future.

Over the course of the past year, we have seen amazing growth in this new service. The number of installs driven by Facebook and measured by Branch has grown over 21X, and the number of clients using Branch has grown 100X. Dozens of clients have switched to Branch for their ads attribution needs, consolidating their mobile marketing activities and allowing them an unprecedented level of insight into the ROI of their marketing investments across channels and platforms in the Branch dashboard. In fact, Branch is now the most widely used platform among the Top 200 apps in the App/Play Store.

And yet, while this success is very exciting, we truly feel like we’re just getting started.

Our goal: Continue to bring important innovations to the stagnant ads attribution market. Our deep links go beyond simple bean counting, actually helping customers drive better campaign performance, and our unique Attribution Solution greatly improves the accuracy of attribution when compared to the basic probabilistic modeling by legacy app attribution companies.

However, Branch isn’t just for ads. We maintain dozens of integrations with top marketing technology providers throughout the mobile marketing stack, including Email Service Providers, social platforms, best-in-class analytics tools, and more. These robust integrations provide clients with broader insights into the impact of all their marketing activity. We’ve quietly launched our cross-device beta program and measured the in-app impact of multiple TV campaigns. Look for more cross-device and People-Based solutions from Branch soon.

Looking back over the past year, we’re very thankful to have had the opportunity to help a growing number of clients find success in mobile growth, and the partnership with Facebook has been a major component of this journey. It’s been an exciting year, and we can’t wait to innovate with you in 2019 and beyond.